Production / Foam cutting facilities

Foam cutting facilities

HQ Pack has its own foam cutting facilities, where packaging can be made either according to standard production methods or according to customer specifications. A customized solution can be found for your product using the most suitable materials, taking into consideration the requirements concerning size, weight, vulnerabilities, (cleanroom) use and transport method.

The possibilities include:

  • Foam interiors.
  • Foam buffers.
  • FEFCO boxes.
  • Wrap packaging (e.g. IBY boxes).
Any combination of the above.

The foam cutting facilities are also used to assemble packaging from semi-manufactured products from other production departments within HQ Pack or third-party suppliers. An example of such packaging is a cleanroom-compatible plastic case with a foam interior.

The following materials may be used when producing the above-mentioned products:

  • Various types of foam (such as PU and PE, which may be cleanroom-compatible and antistatic, if so required).
  • Plastic corrugated board (polypropylene).
  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Rubbers (Viton).

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